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Cubity’s team is excited to host a Vancouver 3D modeler meetup group for 3D artists that work with immersive visualizations (AR/VR/MR). As great as the virtual world is, it’s time for Vancouver’s 3D modeling ecosystem to come together and meet in person!

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About Vancouver 3D modelers meetup

Anyone working in the 3D world with immersive visualizations. Whether you’re just starting out with real-time visualizations, are an expert, or are looking into incorporating them into your pipeline, this meetup group will be the right place to learn and share knowledge!

We can discuss any 3D related topic, bottlenecks in the pipeline, best-practices or share some of our past projects. Each session will have someone leading the group. Amir T., the co-founder of VRSQUARE and the co-creator of Cubity, a 3D asset management and optimization software, will lead the first session.

Meetups will be hosted at BC Tech’s the Cube, Canada’s first VR/AR/MR hub, perfect setting to bring 3D modelers together!

Monthly, check our meetup page for exact dates and times, or join our mailing list to receive updates!


Emerging Tech Trends in Architecture

The next meetup for 3D modelers in Vancouver is just around the corner! Join us on Thursday March 28th as we welcome our guest speaker, Soroush Ghadi to lead the discussion in: Emerging Tech Trends in Architecture. Soroush is an expert in landscape architecture and...

Next mass media: smart immersive 3D content

Our first meetup event was led by Amir Tamadon, VRSquare’s CTO and co-creator of Cubity. With over 10 years of experience with 3D modeling and advanced visualizations, Amir had an insightful perspective on the future of mass media. He opened the conversation with a...

Next wave of content: 3D

Throughout the history of the internet, there've been several waves of content, from simple text, image, audio, video, and animation, each offering new layers of information. With the buzz surrounding AR and VR, and more companies and industries jumping on the...

New community for Vancouver 3D modelers

Calling all 3D modelers in Vancouver! It’s time for a Vancouver 3D modeler meetup group. Vancouver has already established itself as a world-leader in VFX and animation, and now it’s bolstering a global ecosystem for virtual, augmented and mixed reality. The 3D...

Where It’s At

329 Railway St,
Vancouver, BC V6A 1A4

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