Download Cubity (beta)

Version 1094


  • Compatible with FBX (CAD support coming soon)
  • Visual statistics for vertex counts per object, duplicates, or groups
  • Identify empty groups in the scene that contain non-mesh data
  • Duplicate detection
  • Instantiate duplicates by groups or for all
  • Delete duplicate groups
  • Format conversion
  • Export as Uasset for Unreal Studio
  • Export as FBX or 3DS for further modification in any 3D packages
  • Open and save as Cubity Project 

Change Log

  1. Left mouse click now available to select objects in preview
  2. Attribute window added to the preview to provide asset information for the clicked asset in the preview
  3. Camera rotation improved
  4. Crash report integrated
  5. Auto updater integrated
  6. New 3D formats supported

* Please note that Cubity is in its beta phase. We are continuously working on any issues with 3D file structures to improve the quality and the accuracy of Cubity. Feel free to send us comments or suggestions, and any crash reports at

Thanks for your support!

Supported Platforms:  

Supported Formats: 
Download-Trials+Welcome and Feature series

Known Issues

  • Z up is incorrect after importing into Unreal Studio 
  • Face displays are inside out inside Unreal Studio
  • Imported meshes need to be inserted into actors, instead of being parented to them inside outliner

Coming Next

  • Improved accuracy in duplicate detection for assets with same vertex counts but in different scales
  • Material detection and preservation
  • 3D statistics
  • Preview toolset
  • Hierarchy toolset


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